Imagine Justice
Taking a stand to amplify the courageous voices of the most marginalized members of our society.
Scott Budnick
Charles Anderson

Hacking Consciousness
How to harness the secrets of “getting in the zone”.
Jason Silva
Rick Doblin
Jamie Wheal

Mindfulness and the Creative Process
Lessons and stories from President Barack Obama's Official Videographer.  
Hope Hall

Youth Speaks

”This Will Be The Year”
Jarvis Subia


imBODIED Somatics
You, perceived from within. Get centered. Feel. Better. Together. 
David Martinez

Yoga: Music, Movement, and Mantra
A profoundly transformative yogic experience that awakens us and brings forth our natural qualities of courage, compassion and joyful energy. Live sitar music to accompany class.
Jasmine Tarkeshi

Unleash your Inner Mars: Sound Meditation
Lay down and be completely immersed by powerful live sounds with meditative instruments specific to the energy of Mars.
Melissa Felsenstein



Designing Your Life
Design the life you want. Discover how to build a well-lived, joyful life through a process called “design thinking.”
Bill Burnett

Breathing Room
Release the inner critic and embrace your divine nature. Practice to forge a larger spiritual connection by focusing on your physical and spiritual being.
Bex Urban

The Power of Purpose
Realize your full creative potential and be empowered to build and learn through inspiration, ideation, and implementation.
Joe Brown


Movement Building
What makes a movement go viral? Not since the 1960s have we seen the kind of mass civic engagement we are witnessing in the United States today. Hear from the leaders of the most powerful, recent civic movements about social, racial, economic and gender justice and how they turned moments into movements and how every one of us can make a direct impact in our own lives.
Brittany Ferrell
Breanne Butler
Meena Harris
Madame Gandhi

The Future of Food
Leaders in the food industry discuss innovations, emerging systems, the environment and more.
Miyoko Schinner
Paul Coletta
Anya Fernald
Bentley Hall
Rebekah Moses

How The Internet Has Changed Society
How the internet has influenced global culture, genres, environmental and social issues.
Aza Raskin


Uncovering the Artistic Mind
Uncover “thought structures” the work that governs the shapes and movement and directions of everything that exists.
Alonzo King  

The State of Psychedelics: Microdosing, Wellness and Beyond
An exploration - from the anecdotal to the ‘serious science’ and clinical research on the therapeutic benefits of psychedelics.
Ayelet Waldman
Rick Doblin
Pamela Hadfield

Monsters and Shadows: The Erotic Power Source
Find the way to the power source that fuels our creative energy, our erotic selves and our authenticity.  


The Sidewalk Talk Listening Project
Exploring the power of human connection. Our entire sense of self is developed in relationship. Find balance in yourself and bring out the healthiest side of you.  
Traci Ruble

Tea Ceremony
Come enjoy a few warm bowls of medicinal tea from the old-growth forests of China. This ancient tea practice has been known to reduce stress, promote a clear mind and bring the body into a state of balance. These 45-minute tea sessions will be carried out in silence in the form of a guided meditation.  
Rachel Rossitto

VVVR (Visual Voice Virtual Reality) is a voice-controlled tool for self-exploration and well-being. By Dreamboat Studio | Presented by Gray Area Art & Technology


Let’s Talk About Death (Over Dinner)
Death is the great mirror, and it is precisely what gives our life meaning.
Michael Hebb

*Additional pricing for this program.


More presenters and activities to be announced.  All listings subject to change.